The UK/USA differences become clearer…..

Differences aplently

It’s been two months now since we returned from the USA and the differences between the land I grew up in and the land that I ‘visilived’ in are becoming clearer now. (Visilived is a new verb which I made up just this very moment to describe when you do what we did for three years in another country 😉 )


Big difference here. Practically every house in the States is adorned in Halloween garb right now I suspect, or furnished in fall magic. This one house in Ohio blew me away. They said it ‘crossed the line’. They might be right 🙂


However, here in the UK it seems it’s just Tesco that’s got the Halloween vibe.


This is a sad difference. I’ve noted a lot of grumpy folk here in the UK recently. There are a lot of happy ones, sure, and I like them a lot, but by Gawd, it appears the colder it gets the UK the more entitled you are to be grumpy. Hang on a minute, that might be me too, cos it is getting colder and I’m not happy about it…..

UK forever?

I’m convinced the UK is not my forever home, since the opportunities to ‘visilive’ in other countries are far too appealing. (See that word does work!)

I took this quiz to find out where I should visilive next….

I got Hvar, Croatia. It says ‘As an island just 68 kilometres across, Hvar is not short of beautiful beaches and the nearby Pakleni Islands also offer a number of naturist hotpots, if that’s your thing. Hvar Town has plenty of character, with its traffic-free streets and surrounding 13th century walls, so if you’d prefer a smaller home town, next to crystal clear waters, then Hvar is for you.’ Interesting – a fine place to write my book me thinks!


Travel to open your eyes

The other thing about travelling is the opportunity to open your eyes to others’ lives. This is a curious and fascinating aspect of travelling to me. Today I read this by traveller and writer Cristina Luisa and it struck a chord with me about the way I want to travel in future and how we conduct our lives…..

‘Thinking that luxuries are necessities….When you’re wrapped up in the perspective of your own world, it’s easy to think that you “need” a better car, a new wardrobe, or a drink at the end of a hard day. After you start to travel—especially throughout developing countries—you begin to see how others live, forcing an immediate re-evaluation of what a necessity is. When you see children digging through garbage to find their next meal, families of 10 sharing a one-room shack, people without access to clean water, electricity or education, you just might feel ashamed that you once thought you needed a $350 haircut with highlights.’

True that.


3 thoughts on “The UK/USA differences become clearer…..

  1. Your writings are getting more philosophical, and it is making you a better writer. Here in the Northeast U.S., and Columbia, too, where my daughter lives, we have to fight off the grumpies, too. We are all lamenting the passing of summer and living in a bathing suit, which is what more of us do as global warming continues.

    Here, your missing the U.S. Translates into my longing to spend a year in England. Is the grass always greener on the other side?


  2. I want to travel more, but to live overseas is my dream. I’d love to leave tomorrow if I could. I also did that quiz and landed on Ireland?? No thanks as I spent my first 19 years there. The grass may always seem greener, but I’d like to have those experiences of getting tired of a new land. I mob that verb you came up with ….visilved. :-). Cheers


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