Reality bites and normality bites harder

Not gonna lie, this repat thing is tough.

I’m honest when people ask me. ‘What’s it like being back then?’ they ask. ‘Normal,’ say I.

Then they ask me how my life is different and I reply thus:

‘Well before I was doing all the things I had ever dreamed of doing like travelling and meeting loads of people and hanging out at fabulous parties with fabulous people and going to events and writing and blogging and writing some more and being creative and presenting on TV and doing PR for things I love and being an extra on TV shows and modeling and doing professional theatre and teaching fitness classes and being a nutritionist and having great times with my boys.

Now I get up and go to my job and I go home again.’

All of the stuff I did in the USA was work, but for some reason it didn’t feel like work. It’s a different perspective, I guess.

And I play netball, of course, in England which is the glorious highlight of my week.


That might sound really bloody grumpy and totally negative. But this is the reality and this is normality and it kind of makes me realise that I really am not very good at normality. Sometimes the normality of it all is the hardest thing to adjust to. Back to earth with a bang. That’s reverse culture shock in full swing, I understand.

Anyhow, that thought aside, there are still good and weird and amusing things going on in the merry old land of Eng.

My dual personality Sat Nav

So, I’m currently in much confusion with my Sat Nav. British bought, this Sat Nav has a strange habit and I am sure someone has messed with it in order to mess with my head. The Sat Nav female voice, but every ruddy instruction she gives is given in firstly an American accent and then again in a British accent. It’s freaking bizarre! ‘Fess up, who made this setting on my Sat Nav?!

Festivals UK stylie

This is the truth to date. Festivals in the USA are rocking and mental. The ‘festivals’ we have been to so far in the UK are tame. I am ready to be proved wrong, Britain! I love a festival with balls! Invites accepted!


Pulled Pork

Another truth. Pulled Pork in the UK this summer, apparently, was like this trendy gastro pub gourmet thing on the British BBQ summer circuit. Everyone was raving about this new phenomenon of pulled pork in a bun like it had fallen from heaven. In the States, pulled pork is just a thing that you get wherever, whenever. Funny innit, how we view it. And. even though we all three had a fascination with pulled pork in the USA when we first arrived. it’s like beans on toast now. To be honest, I’ve had enough!

pulled pork


I love love love love love London. No denying, that city makes me feel alive. Even being squashed on the smelly old Tube made me smile. Ah, the Big Smoke, j’adore!

covent garden

Repat confession of the week

Did I really use an American accent on purpose at the Tesco petrol station to hide the fact that I am a Brit who still has no idea how to use the British petrol pumps and can’t work out if you pay first or after or at the pump ….?
Yes, I jolly well did!


11 thoughts on “Reality bites and normality bites harder

  1. I must say I am impressed you did a convincing american accent at the pump. Mine is really crap which is a bit embarrassing. Sorry you are having trouble repatting. Everything must seem really small and shabby whereas everything here is big and flashy. Still I would enjoy having ye olde steak and kidney pudding at ye olde village inns before winter starts and it starts doing that freezing rain/no daylight thingie.


  2. My daughter is in London, working towards permanent residency, and she has to work very, very hard, but when she comes home she sounds like you. She says she will never move back. Sometimes people just want a change from what they grew up with. I left the Midwest for the east, swearing never to move back, and I haven’t. Maybe the thing to do is to work for change within the u.k., like moving to London or Edinburgh. Some people just thrive on change. Is there any way you can swing a permanent move to the U.S? It’s time for some kind of change to get you excited. My fearless forecast is that within the next year, you will make a BIG change in your life. Instead of going back, you need to go on…. You’ll find a way!


  3. It will pass, and get better, but it takes time.

    On my return to the UK, I really really really missed people commenting on my accent. I was back to being a normal person, and missed my status as an exotic foreigner with an accent to die for. It’s hard being normal…


  4. I’m not gonna lie, I still have a bit of a blub on the way to work now and again, and I’ve been back over a year now. I love my job, I love being back with family and friends, but I miss my American lifestyle. And not many people are interested in hearing about it! I have an ex-ex-pat friend who was in the States at the same time as me but in Texas. Whenever we meet we like to talk about our experiences knowing that we’re not boring each other!


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