Fully immersed into British culture

Bank Holibobs

It’s the old August Bank Holibobs which means Monday off for some of us! And this very Sunday is known by many as Sunday Funday. However, for me, it’s DIY Sunday. For three years we’ve not had to do any DIY to our rented house in the USA, but now needs must for upgrading our little UK semi -detached.


Where else to spend a rainy Bank Holiday Sunday than with every other mug who has DIY on the brain than in B&Q. Yes, this British tradition makes me realized that I am now fully immersed in British culture 😉

British stuff through a seven year old’s eyes

I’m totally enjoying seeing and experiencing the UK though Harry’s eyes.

Like the mail dropping on the mat through the letterbox – ‘Someone’s put the post through our door!’ And him having a 99 ice cream and not recognizing a red Royal Mail post box – ‘Is it a photobooth?!’


I suspect school will be a whole different ballgame too next week. Break time, maths with a ‘s’ and spelling. He’s going to love it.

Cider – a very British thing

Actually, make that a  cider and cheese festival. A far more sedate affair than an American festival, and boy Brits do love their cider and cheese!


Happy Bank Holibobs Brits!


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