British banter in a very British office

So, four days back and I’m in my very British PR office, drinking very British tea and listening to very British conversations.

And they sound like this:

‘Oooh, Peter Andre’s been confirmed for the Strictly line up. I’m not sure I can watch it now….I really disliked him in the jungle programme.’

‘I hate going in lifts because you never know if you should talk to the people in them and I don’t want them to talk to me.’

‘Cilla’s funeral is happening now. Cliff sang at it. Isn’t he under investigation?’

‘It’s raining again. I didn’t bring my brolly.’

‘Did you watch the Great British Bake Off?’

Back on British telly soon!

Back on British telly soon!

I’ve also been observing how British people call each other by their surnames (that’s LAST names to you Americans 😉 ).

Like this:

‘Barrett’s getting married next month.’

‘Sweetman’s off sick.’

I don’t recall hearing this surname calling much at all in the USofA.

This is my very British PR office, which reminds me that I am British working in Britain.

british clocks journey office

Other noteworthy thingymabobs about being back in the UK.

  • Everyone drinks tea!
  • It’s been raining a lot. 😦
  • I had to buy some legging things to wear to work because I have dresses and it is too effing cold to wear them on their own. I mean, I am resorting to LEGGINGS, (which, by the way, if not bought and used properly as workout leggings, are on par with tights as being the most hideous items ever to wear and should be banned from all good retailers.) It really is much colder than I remember in England and it’s AUGUST FFS!
  • I keep spotting many people that used to be present in my life or pass me by in my daily routines. Like the young man who goes down the road at 8am in his electric wheelchair, and the over-enthusiastic lady with the bleached blonde beehive who is still at the till in Next, and the grumpy chap who works in the pharmacy, and the girls netball teams whom I play against, and my neighbours who are still doing everything they ever did.

It’s been interesting to see them all just getting on with their lives and it feels like three years never happened. They’re just all doing the same thing, though I am sure other things have changed. But when I see them I feel like I’m in a timewarp; like I never had my time in the USA and it was all a dream. A very wonderful dream.


5 thoughts on “British banter in a very British office

  1. One advantage you have where you live is how early in the new year flowers begin to bloom again, like February, which seems phenomenal to me in upstate New York. Why not plant some early bloomers in your garden, like Lenten rose, snow drop and other spring flowers and then let us know how early they really do bloom? That sounds like a wonderful “I’m home now” project to me. I would love to hear……


  2. Hello Clare, Welcome back to the UK. I enjoy your blog. Originally from Detroit, I’m married to a Brit and have lived here in the UK for 25 years this year.

    This is an odd request. My Mom died yesterday in Michigan. My husband and I will be going back to be with family and sort things out. Part of that will be shipping a small piece of furniture my Dad made for me and some other small items back to the UK. Can you recommend a shipping company?

    I appreciate this is a strange request. Any help most welcome. But do keep up the blog.

    Julie Canterbury


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