And we’re back…….

We’ve arrived back in Blighty. There is something oddly normal about arriving back in England with all that you know. No one’s commenting on our accents, Steve Wright’s playing Sunday Love Songs on Radio 2, we took the lift – not the elevator, I didn’t have to specify HOT tea, and I spotted the M&S food hall at Heathrow.


I feel like I’m channeling Dorothy right now, when she woke up from her dream about the merry old land of Oz. Did I really live in the USA and do all those amazeballs things or did I dream it?

It must have been real because I just asked where the ‘trash can’ was instead of the rubbish bin.

Life will be more simple in the UK but I expect to be surprised by things still, even at the ordinariness or normality of it as I encounter my culture again.


2 thoughts on “And we’re back…….

  1. Just stumbled on your blog last night. Good reads. I’m about to embark on a similar journey to America. We are moving to San Diego, California. My hubby is being transferred for 2 years. So nervous but so excited. Your blog gave me the inspiration and excitement I need as I’m so nervous. I’ve never been overseas.


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