Keeping it together!

I was totally keeping it together about leaving Columbia, Howard County, America this past week. Keeping busy is the key. Bouts of sadness have happened, but I’ve been trying to be positive and keep that British stiff upper lip in check!

Then, this morning, out of the blue, something happened and the bloody waterworks will not subside!

Thanks to my lovely friend Tom, who is a prominent Howard County blogger and community activist, who wrote this piece that set me off. FYI, Dior waterproof mascara is not as waterproof as they suggest.

Tom and Nicole - my BFFs

Tom and Nicole – my BFFs

Lordy, I’ll miss this place. Just sitting at the lakefront yesterday listening to a band, having dinner at one of the newer restaurants while an orchestra played, and talking to some of the people I’ve met during my time here made me remember what I wanted to experience when I arrived three years ago. I just wanted to taste, smell and be part of something different – and I’ve certainly had that in my life whilst living here. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Columbia lakefront

Columbia lakefront

Honestly, when I return, I’m not sure how I’m going to interpret England again. The reverse culture shock is going to hit me hard, I know it.

Leaving is hard, saying goodbye is harder. It’s going to be a tough few days.


7 thoughts on “Keeping it together!

  1. I’ve experienced a wee bit of that also, especially when I hear one of our workout songs! My body automatically goes into the motion of the ‘routine’. I’m going to miss you terribly! You are larger than life and I am blessed to have experienced you and your workouts. Safe travels…take a little of HoCo MD back with you & spread it around. Luvya…


  2. The best advice I can give is to not fight whatever you are feeling when you go back. Work it through and know that you will readjust. You will re-experience what you love. You will look at some things that you thought were normal and wonder, “WTF?”. You will run the gamut of emotions, and it will be tough at times, but it will all work out.


  3. Moving and adjusting always has its ups and downs, but just remember you now have a home and people who love you on both sides of the pond! God bless you and please do come back and visit us in the States!


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