The Stressful Week of Return

‘Holy moly’, ‘WTF’, ‘it had better be worth it’, ‘why is it all so complicated?’. These and many additional British expletives have passed my lips this week.

One: getting the cats sorted to travel. Hard bloody work. I love my mittens with all my heart and bringing them was a key stipulation when we decided to come to the States, but, by Gawd, it’s been a painful process with the vets and the British customs folks getting them sorted for the return – as it stands they would FAIL getting entry to the UK cos my dozy effing vet messed up some dates on their entry forms and now I’m having to sort that and it is TAKING UP ALL MY TIME. But rest assured, my pussies will see the other side of the pond again, as I will get this sorted! It was a piece of ruddy cake bringing them over, so it’s been a shock to the system.

Two: selling cars. Not easy USA stylie. I can’t even tell you the process for license plates and documents. It is beyond my comprehension. I just know that if you sell a car privately they can’t just drive it away. Don’t get it. The End.

I shan’t bore you with other bits, like moldy bread in the hotel room and no internet for nearly three hours – I know – three whole hours!!!! Just when I needed to scan the cats’ documents to the UK Animal Welfare Centre. A few choice British swear words popped out my gob, I can tell you.

However, we fly in four days. FOUR DAYS?! Oh my! So many people to see, so much paperwork still to complete.

But, partying has still occurred – don’t doubt that! And after my infatuation with American drive thrus, I chanced upon a Liquor Store Drive Thru which obviously needed my immediate attention. But since I did not have my car, we took the journey on foot, much to the amusement of the cars behind us.



‘May I have a beer please.’

‘The minimum is six.’

‘Then I shall take six, if you please.’

Drive Thru Liquor Store – job done! You don’t get those in England!

And breathe!


5 thoughts on “The Stressful Week of Return

  1. I was at the vet same day you were, recognized you from your blog of course :). You were over on the cat side, I was on the dog side. I would have come over to introduce myself but (1) it seemed like things were not going well in your interaction with the vet staff (confirmed by your post here!) and (2) my crazy English Chocolate Lab would probably have tried to jump all over you. Hope you got the all the kitty cat paperwork straightened out.

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  2. Try building a house (in the States) ready for our return a year later, at the same time we moved back to the UK. I wont tell you the stress the D status caused when trying to get a mortgage!

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  3. It wasn’t much better going from DC to Austria with our dog. Because my husband had picked up the dog from the shelter the day after we interviewed (yes, interviewed–it was required) for our Hound, said Hound only had one “parent” on the certificate, and since I was bringing the dog over before darling husband came across, getting the appropriate USDA stamps on Hound’s travel papers was worse than trying to conduct business in Europe in the summer. To add insult to injury? When we passed through Immigration and Customs in Vienna the officers didn’t even look at the paperwork! Safe travels to you and your furry friends!


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