Afternoon Tea the British Way

I just spent a glorious week, pre-return to the UK, in Jamaica. They drive on the left! They have afternoon / high tea! Yep, that’s about as British as it gets there still, but they do afternoon tea with the knowledge that it’s an excellent way to spend the afternoon.

Thanks, I'll take it!

Thanks, I’ll take it!

Jamaican high tea consists of tea in a pot, naturally, mini sandwiches, home-baked biscuits (not cookies!) and, er, fried chicken. Well this is Jamaica!

Not everyone understands the British need for a cup of tea in the afternoon when it’s 96 degrees out there. ‘A hot drink cools me down and refreshes me!’ I explained to an American who nearly spluttered out his ginger ale at my request for hot tea at 330pm on a Jamaican beach.

My afternoon tea view!

My afternoon tea view!

In Florida once a poolside bar manager shook his head in disbelief when I asked for hot tea. ‘No one has ever asked me for HOT tea,’ he exclaimed and I henceforth explained why it’s fab. He still not believe me. Don’t deny a Brit their cup of tea, ever!

I look forward to afternoon tea in the UK, even if it’s a cuppa at my desk. Once a Brit, always a Brit! Long live the cuppa!

Only 4 weeks till I return to the UK!

Oh. My. Gawd.

So. Much. To. Do!

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