British Words for Rainy Days…

My Brit chum in the USA noted that according to the new Paddington film us Brits have over 100 words to describe rainy days. (Well, you have to have a plethora of choices for so many wet days… 😉 )

Here’s what we got so far…….

1.Raining cats and dogs


2. Bucketing down

3. Pi**ing it down

4. Chucking it down

5. It’s spitting

6. Pelting down

7. Teeming

8. Pouring down

9. Peeing down!

10. Downpour

11. Lashing it down

12. Torrents

13. Misty rain

14. Showers

15. Precipitation

16. Raindrops


17. Trickling

18. Drizzle/drizzling

19. Siling down

20. Heavens have opened

21. ‘Nice weather, for ducks’

22. Monsoons

23. Coming down in stair rods

24. Persisting down

25. A cloudburst


26. Throwing it down

27. Helling

28. April shower

29. Belting down

30. A Geordie one ” hoying it doon”

31. It’s bloody well raining again!

There must be more! How many more can you think of?!

And now updates from you the readers!

32. Looking black o’er Bill’s mother……

33. Coming down in buckets!

34. South Wales: ‘picking to rain’


6 thoughts on “British Words for Rainy Days…

  1. Better late than never I have come up with very British sounding : torrential downpour, actually raining, an absolute deluge, merely drizzle, purely a mountain mist, welcome rain and overdue rain !! Sue xx


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