Dealing with a slice of reverse culture shock……

This week all my American friends have been asking what I made of the UK when I visited two weeks ago. ‘How was it?’ they ask. ‘Yeah…..,’ I reply. ‘Good. Weird. You know….’

But they don’t know. Not really. I chose to go back in January to get a slice of British reality. When I visited in the summer, it was stunning. Being back this time was harder and I can’t quite put my finger on why.

Some things have changed and moved on, which, in my book is great, mostly. And some of it has stayed the same and some of it is just, well, stagnant.


The UK villages looked quaint and I admired their charm. The cities were cool and funky in parts, but mainly looked run down. It may have always been like that and I never noticed, but this time round they looked forlorn and slightly the worse for wear. I wish I’d had time to go to London and see the city and get an insight into how that’s faring.

I have a slightly glamorised view of living in the USA, and that’s mainly due to my lifestyle and how I choose to spend my time. To be fair, America has welcomed me with open arms, I have embraced its culture and its people, and it has offered me endless opportunities. And, in all honesty, I like being a Brit in America. I suppose I will have to transfer this positive mentality to the UK, but it’s not easy when it’s not always reciprocated, nor ripe for the taking.

And I’m slightly confused about where I call home…..

This is going to happen to me....

This is going to happen to me….

It’s not easy going back. And it’s then not easy coming back to the USA and then feeling a bit bad about not having a full heart for your home country. But you bloom where you are planted, and I am to be planted back in England in six months’ time, and I’ll have to get my seeds ready, so to speak, and decide in which direction I want to bloom and grow.

Bloom and grow, my friends, bloom and grow.




2 thoughts on “Dealing with a slice of reverse culture shock……

  1. Hi there,

    I read your other blog and was interested to see these posts. It sounds like you need to try to treat your UK life as if it’s temporary and you could be called away at any time. Maybe this will make it more of an adventure (but with the familiarity of home?

    Also, even if that does not happen, you can always look for adventure elsewhere. 🙂


    • Repatriation is easier said than done. I hope it is temporary! It’s dealing with all the familiarity that kind of scares me; it doesn’t make me feel alive! That said, there’s a load of places we haven’t been to in the UK, so we’ll defo travel, and perhaps meet new and interesting people along the way!


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