England, we don’t need Black Friday

Oh my, I thought we Brits could queue. Apparently not. The onslaught of Black Friday across the pond proved this.

Black Friday is a tradition we don’t need back in the UK. We honestly don’t. It’s related to Thanksgiving, Brits. It’s the day after.

This is how it works in America: Thursday, you give thanks for all that you have. Friday, you go out and buy stuff because you actually think you don’t have enough and were lying a little bit when you gave thanks on Thursday.

This happened. In England.

This happened. In England.

We don’t need this riotous, greedy behaviour! Shame on us! We already are having Boxing Day as a day of sales, when we really need it to be a lovely day of walking and playing games and eating cold meats and pickles.

This is the social media sphere blowing up about Black Friday in the UK.

#BlackFriday has come to Britain and it looks like hell on earthhttp://t.co/Oj6ympMu6b https://t.co/ueBfDID0Kp

@BuzzFeedUK @BuzzFeed I’d like to apologize to the rest of the world on behalf of the entire nation of America


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